Robert studied Fine Art at Sunderland University and is currently living and working in Northumberland UK.

“I describe my work as ‘Painting Nature’, as a direct response to my immediate surroundings, exploring colour, composition and expression yet maintaining the very traditions of painting. Making sketches as well my own visual notes I paint intuitively and expressively with bold sweeping brushstrokes that sum up whole passages of the landscape that is before me. Painting on location and in the studio, I often rework paintings intuitively to produce a completed work.”


  1. I think your work is exceptional. I have not seen your ‘stuff’ in real life but one day would like to. I am from Yorkshire originally

    I paint a lot and our philosophies are not too far apart
    Be really good if you would show in Essex-I am near Flatford/Dedham area
    Keep up exciting and good stuff please!
    Nat Young


    • Hi Nat, Thanks for your kind words, keep up your good work, I’m sure it’s a natural response (painting) to what we see and feel.
      I’ll be showing your way sometime no doubt. Lime Tree Gallery, Long Melford sometimes show my paintings.
      best wishes


  2. Hi Rob,
    two questions —
    1) Are you exhibiting in Dublin at Art Source in Nov 2019 ? &
    2) when/ where are you next exhibiting in the UK next ?
    Noel (Greene)


    • Hi Noel, Thanks for getting in touch, possibly at Art Source with Tallantyre Gallery and next showing is with British Art Portfolio. Other group shows over the winter in Scotland and the South. Current exhibition at Foss Fine Art, London, ends this weekend. kind regards, Robert


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